Homemade New Year’s Recipes for Pets That Will Make Their Tails Wag! 🎊🐾


Greetings, pet lovers! At Guanabana Shop, we understand that your furry friends are an essential part of celebrations. That’s why today we bring you homemade recipes to pamper your pets on New Year’s Eve. Get ready to surprise your four-legged companions and create unforgettable moments together!


Homemade New Year’s Recipes to Spoil Your Pets:

  1. Peanut Festive Cookies: Does your dog love peanuts? Try making cookies with oat flour, crushed peanuts, and a touch of honey. A delicious treat for their taste buds!
  2. Tuna Energy Balls for Cats: Combine drained tuna with almond flour and shape into small balls. Your cat will love this protein-packed delight!
  3. Turkey and Sweet Potato for Dogs and Cats: Cook lean turkey and sweet potato, then mash them together. Serve small portions for a festive and nutritious dinner.
  4. Fruity Ice Cream for Guinea Pigs: Mix small pieces of fruits like strawberries and banana, freeze them in water, and offer them as a refreshing ice cream to your guinea pigs.
  5. Yogurt Pie for Hamsters: Crush seeds and mix them with unsweetened natural yogurt. Form small portions and offer them to your hamsters as a special dessert.


At Guanabana Shop, we value the unique connection you share with your pets. These homemade recipes are not only delicious but also reflect our desire for every family member, even the furry ones, to enjoy the celebration. Let’s celebrate a New Year full of love and joy together!


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